Lally is…

Some things you needn’t know about me……
Tea or Coffee – Coffee, black. That’s it.
Global trotting – Long ago a girl from London sat next to a Norwegian boy on a plane in Canada and hasn’t been home since, can currently be found in Düsseldorf.
Sweet or Savoury – Sweet but not chocolate.
Cities I love – London, Copenhagen, New York, Rome.
Favourite season – Late spring and summer for the bright sunshine, warmth and return to colour following the dark winter months.
Music love – Lukas Graham, Luke Bryan preferably loud and in the car on my own.
Netflix and chill  – Outlander, it’s an obsession…
To Bake – I make a good tart, lemon, apricot, bakewell…
Whisk me away to … Provence, any time.
An evening well spent – Bedtime stories with my children then off out for cocktails and dinner.
Lally or Sally – It’s Sally, my sister is Lucy and long ago we became The Lallies to our baby cousin. The name has stuck.
 The Lallies is the site where all my creative exploits will find a home. The baking, the drawing, the painting, the crafting and writing. The photography, the sewing and the things I’d like to make. It will evolve as I go along that I am sure, I hope you will stick around to watch.

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