Saloon Night (1). Aprons.

IMG_2263I spent a happy day last week in the midst of much last minute planning for a fundraising event, sewing up two little aprons. The aprons were to be used as part of the costume for two of our fundraiser saloon bar staff. I patiently sourced vintage dirndl’s for the two saloon girls, our vision was early settlers and as our event was in Germany, vintage dirndl’s worked perfectly. What we needed were the additional touches to pull together homespun costumes in keeping with our overall plan.


I used a simple calico fabric, I thought it would be perfect as an organic base. For contrast I used a bright pink thread to stitch the piece together and for a few decorative touches against the raw fabric.

Finally each apron was hand painted with cactus and the name of our Saloon. It was actually a lovely day, a much needed free creative spot, the calm before the storm. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the costume in it’s entirety but it would have been charming, we’ll put that down to experience and creative differences…

I have now adopted the blue dirndl as part of my Spring wardrobe, just minus the apron! Can’t beat a little vintage now and again.




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