Cupcake Central

I love making cupcakes and the recipe I use was the first recipe I ever learnt from my mother as a child. I’ve adapted it over the year’s using various combination’s depending on the flavour/texture I desire. Half flour, half ground almond makes for a moist nutty cake. Replace 30 grams of flour with cocoa and hey presto chocolate cake! That’s why I love this approach to the recipe, it can be as you wish as long as you keep the general ratio’s.

So what is the secret?…… Eggs. Whatever the weight of the eggs equal’s how much you need of the rest of the ingredients.

First of all I weigh my eggs, 5 for a family sized cake, 2 for a small enough batch of cupcakes. 10 for approximately 50 average sized cupcakes.

Then you need the same weight of fine sugar, soft butter, flour (self raising or plain but you’ll obviously need to add raising agent to the plain). Beat the sugar and butter till fluffy, add eggs one at a time along with a spoon of flour to stop the mix from splitting. Once all the flour and egg has been combined I add a tea spoon of vanilla extract (homemade thanks to a fab trick from my Canadian friend). I then slacken the mixture slightly with milk, a table spoon or two just to loosen the mix, it makes it a lot easier to fill the cases. That’s it, hardly scientific and certainly with lot’s of room for experimentation. I have replaced the flour with gluten free flour (Doves Farm) too as that is all I can eat and it work’s just fine.

Mini Make Up cupcakes.

For my icing I use 250 grams of softened butter to 500 grams of powdered sugar, whisk thoroughly, add vanilla extract and once again a touch of milk. This is the winning combination for most children.

That’s it, then the fun really begins. Decorating!!!

Artistic credit to Kristin my baking buddy, chief apprentice and now master cupcake maker in Tokyo!

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