Tulip Cupcakes


Every so often I bake up a batch of vanilla cupcakes and sell them at the school market. I use a recipe that my mother taught me as a child and that has served me incredibly well over the years. I simply weigh my eggs and then the rest of my ingredients to match.

For 50 cupcakes this usually means 10 eggs and approximately 500gms or the following. Self raising flour. Softened Butter, Caster sugar. Beat the softened butter and the caster sugar together until they are light and fluffy, then slowly add the eggs one at a time. I use a spoon of flour with each egg to ensure the mix doesn’t split before incorporating the rest of the flour. Two teaspoons of vanilla essence and a touch of milk just to slacken the mix.

For my butter cream I again use softened non salted butter, 500gms for 50 cupcakes. Double the amount of powdered sugar to butter. Again I then add two teaspoons of vanilla extract and carefully a dash or two of milk just to relax the mix.


This week I made flower cakes using a Russian nozzle for tulips. I line the outer of my icing bag with one colour and fill the inner with a second to make two tone flowers. For my leaves as I haven’t yet got around to buying a leaf nozzle I just cut an inverted v into the end of my icing bag. It does the job just fine.


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  1. Jill says:

    Not even 5 minutes before you put up this post I sent off photographs of cupcakes decorated using the Russian nozzle gift which you taught me to use, to offer cakes in fundraising auction for my choir. Mother daughter tuition has gone full circle!

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