LEGO Party



Last year I had so much fun creating a Lego themed birthday party for my youngest son. I went to town and spent a month absorbed in every Lego themed party project I could think of. We had…

img_6425Lego cupcakes: Vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and tiny Lego figures I made out of white chocolate. I bought the mould’s here

img_6310Lego iced biscuits: These were really fun to create although I had face fatigue by the time I finished! I bought the cutters here

img_635012 kilo’s of Lego which turned out to be an incredible amount of bricks and kept my boys entertained for hours before the masses arrived. I laid a 5 metre table cloth along the length of a room and spread the bricks along it. I spent a while watching Lego sales on EBay before deciding what to bid on, the bricks ended up costing me 250€ which is equivalent to hosting an outside party. The bonus was that I sold the bricks within a week for not much less than I paid for them.

img_6376Finally my most favourite project was a Ninjago costume that my nine year old wore to his brother’s birthday as the guest of honour. That really took a lot of hours, polystyrene,  yellow duct tape and packing boxes but it was so worth it for the faces of our guests. Everyone had their picture take with Lloyd and the birthday boy was delighted his brother had made that possible even if his brother had to be financially persuaded!



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