Robot duvet cover

I’ve been meaning to post this project for a long time but never quite got there. In fact this whole project has been a little like that, I designed my robot at the start of last year. I finally ordered it as a print last October and by December I had found the time to run up an improvised duvet cover for my littlest robot. Six months later I realised I still hadn’t added it to my blog.


So here it is, one slightly creased duvet cover made with my white background robot print via my Spoonflower shop. Some big red buttons found in the most wonderful trimmings shop here in Copenhagen and a strip of red bias binding to break the pattern. If I made it again I would have the top section in a plain white but I didn’t have enough and I wanted to have the cover made by Christmas. I think it works perfectly with the green background robot cushion I made.Image

Hopefully, eventually the bedding set will joined by a pillow case, all cut out but my sewing machine is kaput. Also a robot cushion that I will screen print and we will colour in together with fabric crayons.

One day…

‘Please excuse the photo quality, we are moving, I had estate agents round taking photographs and all was a rush.’



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