Lemonade Tea Towels


I recently made these tea towels for my most amazingly wonderful mother as her birthday gift. The lemonade design I had drawn up a while ago as part of a recipe collection which I then had transferred onto some screens so that I could print from them. The boys chose some mustard yellow gingham tea towels and the blue colour to print onto the cloth. I initially had a slightly different theme planned but my sewing machine was completely broken and to keep the project achievable I went with my boys choice.

They all helped with securing the cloth to the print board and positioning the screen ready for the ink to descend. They were incredibly quiet as they watched me spread the ink across the frame, not quite believing it would work so easily. Thankfully work it did and we printed three tea towels in quick succession each time breathing a sigh of relief as we peeled away the screen from the cloth.


Considering I had planned to sew something entirely different for my Mum who deserves everything, I was very happy with the way these turned out at the last minute. We packed them into a gift box and along with a crimson red leaf, curtesy of grandchild number two, sent them on their merry way to England. Soon we will move to Germany and I will have my very own dedicated sewing room, I will wait till then to replace my machine but once I do I have a very long list of gifts to catch up on!

Happy BIrthday Mum xxx


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