Copper Kerouac Wreath

Copper Kerouac WreathI am so pleased with the way this project turned out, I took it slowly, starting back in January when the days were short and the light was dark. I knew I wanted to make a large wreath again but that I also wanted to push the idea further and work alongside the book pages with a colour or texture. Initially I planned to use gold or silver leaf and really work on the gradient effect but copper was to hand and once I got started I decided not to worry quite so much about varying the opacity.

Copper wreathThis is the result, I think the copper really lent itself well to the overall effect, bringing warmth and of course brightness to the printed pages. I also found a soft grey ribbon in a yarn shop and took a chance with it’s tone in the shop lighting, a lucky find.

Copper Kerouac WreathI used. 22 glue sticks, 1 wreath, 3 Kerouac books, copper leaf and contact glue. Oh and probably close to 30 hours of The Good Wife as I worked.



Copper Kerouac Wreath

Copper Kerouac Wreath


If you are interested in commissioning me to make a wreath for you, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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