Monsters Inked

Last week I had a long overdue clear out of my upstairs craft cupboard, it was quite fun actually. Like back in the day when my Mum would ask me to clear my room and in doing so I would discover favourite books, magazines, photographs and all manner of wonderful time temptations that would inevitably delay the point of the whole exercise. I had a happy hour discovering crafty treasures I had no doubt purchased with good intentions but that time and life had pushed to one side, unused. Full of new intentions and renewed enthusiasm for ideas I closed the door to wait for a rainy day. Which came, remarkably just a few short days later.


This weekend my husband was away in Berlin on a stag trip and I faced a busy, child dominated schedule of the usual football matches, parties and dog walks. Logistical but totally do-able. I was quite looking forward to a couple of popcorn infused movie nights with my favourite boys. The first night all great, but then Saturday began. My eldest returned from a sleepover covered in an unbelievable amount of vomit, so too unfortunately, the car he was returned in. After a nausea inducing clean up he went off to bed for the rest of the day and our fresh air plans became a day inside with an over active dog and two bored brothers.


I remembered finding an unused pack of fabric pens in my craft clear up and so began unplanned activity number one. The boys both drew an image of their choice, my little one is obsessed with Frozen at the moment but I didn’t feel up to recreating a scene with Elsa and Prince Hans so I encouraged him to draw a monster instead. Once he was happy with his design we found a plain sweatshirt and re drew his monster onto it with the fabric pens. These projects cannot always promise instant gratification, he was literally sitting at the table watching paint dry. The next day all was good and they raced excitedly downstairs to try out their new creations.




The monster sweater is now beloved and the requests for another have started building, this time he wishes to have Prince Hans, Olaf and a monster in the snow. I’ll have to see what I can find in my cupboard.

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  1. Jilliroberts says:

    Just realised this was a Lallies post! Another delight, vomit aside naturally. It was generous of you to give me credit for your bedroom tidying. i especially appreciate that as I disentangled myself from my bed/ bedroom floor / ironing board and iron flex to reach the phone to speak to you only to hear Lucy’s familiar sisterly talking voice coming from the next door bedroom as I listened to a blank telephone grateful to have survive the obstacle course unscathed!!. I love the way youu two are so connected – a mother’s joy. Was thinking of you this morning so good to get the links.

    I would love to see Felix’s drawn version of Elsa and Princ Hans! Re Easter. It will be DIY easter eggs this year in keeping with your creative family traditions. I have bought moulds and will get chocolate to travel across with Dad.

    Love you muchly Mum xxxx

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