Felt Flower Sachets


Late last year I went to visit my wonderful friend in New York and spent a very happy week walking the streets with her and our very long to do list. Via hours of pleasant wandering we found all the gluten free bakeries, visited the galleries and ate our way from district to district. I had the most delicious corn taco’s from a food truck parked just in front of my favourite building, The Flatiron and whiled away several hours in The Strand wandering just how many books my luggage allowance would consume. Such a treat considering my ‘normal’ life consists of three small boys, a big hairy Old English Sheepdog puppy and many hours behind the wheel of my mum-mobile.


Felt: Pearl SOHO

The biggest treat of all though was being able to visit two shops that would in all probability bankrupt me if there weren’t an ocean between us, Mood Fabrics, the mecca for all things sewing and Pearl Soho, a knitter’s paradise. I love Pearl Bee, the blog of Pearl Soho, and look forward to receiving the blog updates in my mail, it is such a lovely blog that showcases beautiful products with some equally beautiful raw materials. I would however be the first to confess that I am not a knitter, while I long to be able to rustle up a stunning hand knit sweater or two, for now I stick to attempting the sewn projects instead.

Felt Petals

So possibly you can imagine just how excited I was to be able to step across the threshold and into the actual shop. I had seen a couple of felt projects a while ago online and was able to buy the materials needed to get started. This is the first….. Felt Flower Sachets.


Felt Flowers

Quite possibly the most beautiful stack of fabric I have had sitting on the shelf in my work room, it was almost a shame to start cutting the jewel like felt squares into pieces. I followed the Pearl Bee instructions carefully and was soon had 16 sachets of various colour formations sitting on my desk. Feeling very satisfied and utterly confident that I would now have a collection of handmade gifts for Christmas I set about filling the bags up. Well, instant gratification it was not. I used Lavender flowers for the first, cut from my garden at the end of the summer and not one of the lilac heads wished to be enclosed in it’s felt home. It was a laborious process involving patience, coffee and a few episodes of The Good Wife and that was just sachet number one.


Felt Flower Sachets


The other fifteen I will finish one day when my schedule is empty, for now they hang in my work room reminding me of that wonderful week in the Big Apple. A very happy reminder in my quiet room following another day full of school commitments, food requests and dog walks, I might just take my time finishing.

Thanks to Beth for being the best tour guide and Nicole for the linen I used as backing fabric.

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