The London Cape

This summer I had the chance to go home to London for a few days, I don’t get to go back that often so I was beyond happy when I had the chance. It was in the middle of ‘The Big Heatwave of 2013’ and the city was a sweltering mass of touristy traffic and melting Londonites, just how I love it. At the very top of my to do list was a trip into Soho to visit all the wonderful fabric store’s I used to frequent back in the day when my schedule was my own and I only I could see my expenditure.

The Cloth House

I just love the smell of the wind as it rushes down the tunnel heralding the arrival of the next underground train, the warm diesel woosh that instantly takes me back to my late teens early twenties. It reminds me I am home.

London Cape

We shopped and browsed and settled in The Cloth House for a good look through their collection, amazing should you get the chance to visit. On such a sweltering hot day in the busy heat I fell in love with a softer than soft cashmere coat fabric, which we dutifully carried around with us for the rest of the day, all five metres of it. I didn’t have a plan but I knew I would find the right pattern in time and time was certainly on my side, it wouldn’t be cold for a good while to come.

London Cape

A few weeks later back in Copenhagen I found two patterns I liked on Burda Style, the first was a trench coat with leather piping and the second a collarless cape. I settled on the cape, I wanted something achievable as this was my first outwear effort and I’m so pleased I did.

London Cape

Here it is, it’s not perfect I will be the first to admit but it’s good enough for me. I still really love the fabric, the colours in the weave are warm and blend seamlessly with my existing wardrobe and, for a little splash of colour, I added a lining in royal blue. I made a mistake with the construction so the scarf collar is my necessary addition to the pattern but I think I wear it more because of that alteration. Oh and if I made it again I would make the pocket flaps wider so that they would sit properly.

I love my cape even more that I thought I might. Not only is it warm and lightweight but it reminds me so much of that bright hot humid week in London, a Godsend during these heavy months of Danish winter. I can’t wait to wear it home one day soon.

London Cape

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  1. Oh Sally, it’s beautiful!! I love the fabric and the cut is perfect for you. Well done x

    1. thelallies says:

      Thank you!! am so pleased you like it, I just wish I had of finished it before you left. Are you working on any full thickness winter coats yet 😉 xx

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