The Gingerbread Man has my back

Gingerbread Man

I had such a tight schedule for this week and last, the children finish school on Friday for the holiday’s and I had hoped to finish most, if not quite all, of my handmade Christmas gifts before they do so. There were hours planned at the sewing table, top stitching a quilt, some cushions for Farmor, a dress, a custom drawn bedding set and some toiletry bags for my boys. I even have fabric I specially designed from Spoonflower for the latter projects and I’d been impatiently awaiting it’s arrival ever since so that I could begin.

Unfortunately I also have a bad back and last week, in an blatant act of disregard for my plans, it stopped working. Cue chiropractor, lots of painkillers and an order not to sit for the next week or two…… arghhhhhhhhh

In hindsight I spent last week in a lot of pain and my creative juices were considerably weakened by the medicine but this week I am itching to get festive and start my Christmas prep, sewing machine or not.

There is only one thing I do when I need instant creative gratification and that is to bake. Baking combined with a no sitting rule apparently means we now have a surplus of over sized gingerbread men in our house. I love my giant cutter and the gorgeously rotund men that it produces, baked in bulk they become Christmas soldiers marching ever onward in a ginger scented fug. I got slightly carried away.

Gingerbread soldier



A few years back a dear friend and I would work for hours together, baking and decorating gingerbread fuelled by prosecco and conversation before selling our creations at the school Christmas market where they would sell out in record time. So few hours in the kitchen today bought back many of those happy memories and I even forgot why I was standing up. Well, at least until all that baking meant I really needed a sit down. “Owwww”

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