Every superhero deserves a cape


Back in June I made my littlest superhero a cape, it was mostly for my own fun I have to confess. Just a quick project with some turquoise gingham I had purchased in bulk and then left unused on the shelf. Even if he never wore it I thought it would make a sweet photograph to see the cape hanging up at the end of his bed.


I found a Superman ‘S’ on google then redrew it with a graphics programme, changing the S to an F for Felix. I had some yellow polka dot and a heavy red twill so it was simply a case of stencilling the design, backing the fabric with interfacing to make it stronger for appliqué purposes and then sewing the design onto the cape fabric. Then I sewed both cape pieces together and turned them inside out so that the rear of the appliqué was hidden and the cape was a little more robust. I finished with a big red button and a few button holes.

Then I gave it to him in the hope I would get a couple of cool photographs. In fact he has barely removed it since…


We have worn the cape everywhere, to school, to Legoland, to the supermarket, to the doctor and even to the beach where it was worn with swimming trunks.

By request I made a second cape (slightly smaller/more practical cape on the right) for his best friend so now they can be Superheroes together.


Every Superhero needs a friend

2 Comments Add yours

  1. dhonour says:

    Staggering cuteness!

    1. thelallies says:

      the cape is going in my Mummy treasure box, along with the first teddy and favourite books 🙂

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