Ratatouilles ratatouille


Vegetable medley


Tis nearly the end of the summer holidays and I am trying to grab whatever creative inspiration I can, where ever I can find it. Which is why dinner this week came courtesy of a rat. Not just any rat I hasten to add but Remy the rat from Ratatouille. His signature dish at the end of the film is a simple dish of ratatouille that transported a sharp faced and extremely hard to please restaurant critic straight back to the blissful summers of his childhood.

I kept my version very simple but it was delicious, easy and very beautiful. Just alternating potato, tomato, aubergine and courgette. I cooked it covered in the oven for nearly two hours at 180 which let it caramelise in its own juices. My own little right hand man helped me serve up with grilled salmon and a lemon and creme fraiche dressing.

The children loved eating a dish taken from one of their favourite films and I love developing their culinary adventure’s ever further, even if we must be inspired by a small brown furry rat!

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