Miette skirt: Tilly and the Buttons


I have been furiously sewing away in the basement of my house recently in an effort to become good at dressmaking. I’ve always had a sewing interest and usually always had a machine lurking away in the background but up to this point not had the space to get stuck into really learning how to sew. Now all my children are tucked up in school, I have a room dedicated to my art things and a space to sit at the machine and practise.


Practise is exactly what I have been doing, hours and hours spent down in my undisturbed haven. Today I ran up this Miette skirt from Tilly and the Buttons. It’s the second one I’ve made and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I put French seams throughout, as I say, I want to learn how to sew well and short cuts seem to defeat the point. It didn’t take long to make, a couple of hours that I had to spend at home due to the workman working here today.


Tilly’s patterns are great because not only can you download and begin straight away, a real plus for someone as impatient as myself, Tilly has step by step instructions on her website that are a huge help for the beginner, the whole process is photographed and written out very clearly and the only mistakes I made were my own. I have requests for more skirts already and as they say ‘practise makes perfect’…



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