Robot Cushion

This morning I took a trip to my local Swedish furniture store to buy a desk and other bits and pieces to furnish what is now my very own workshop. Yes, after four years of dinosaurs and playmobil I have treated myself to a whole room where I can create and I am beyond excited at the prospect. Right now the room is fairly empty but I am sure that over time it will become a canvas to all that I paint, sew and design as the months go by.


Greeting me in the driveway as I slid 15 kilos of desk out of the car boot was the postman with a package I had been very impatiently waiting for. The timing could not have been better.




Inside were the first fabrics I have designed at Spoonflower. An emerald green Robot print in a cotton/linen mix and a deep lilac, Chair print on cotton sateen. I very quickly built my desk and set to work on the fabrics.

Rather fortuitously I had a bright red bias binding and enough cord to create a cushion cover with the robots. So I did. This afternoon, in between football and swimming, all finished off after dinner and bedtime stories. I can’t claim that the finish is terrific but I aim to improve as I get back in the swing of things. I do however absolutely LOVE the fabric and the way that the red pop’s out against the beautiful green background.




The children have all put in their order’s for more cushions so I suspect it won’t be long before I have to put in my own for some more fabric. Thankfully I have the perfect toy free space in which to bury myself in piles of robots and sit there very contentedly sewing.

Robot fabric is available to buy here.

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